About us

Oh, Pryanik!

This information is to those people who would know what and who is behind Pryanik

brand. In two words everything is very simple, but it is complicated at the same time.

Pryanik is the married couple that decided to sew stylish, individual, functional and plain skin articles for themselves in 2013. The articles have not been proposed by the market, but they will make the life of the couple easier and more beautiful. What would seem to be simpler? But the difficulties begin just here.

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To make the necessary thing coming into use one must invent it, then draw it, choose the necessary skin, threads and fittings and develop the technology of producing. And after all one is to cut out, sew and set it together. Some operations are to be repeated, in some cases they are to be repeated not once. Pryanik has done all these and only after then Pryanik has conducted trials of a new product on itself. Then they have had correction of mistakes and miscalculations which have not been evident at the stage of concept.

At times it has to be done from the very beginning at that stage of improvement. Then the testers have begun their work. They usually are our friends. And only after elimination of defects and after taking into consideration our friends` desires the finishing technological process has been developed and the article comes to the shelves of Vse Svoi shop that is in Khreshchatik St., Kiev. These are the difficulties which have not been seen. But they doesn`t stop Pryanik. Its own credo means all the articles have to agree with unisex format.

Even the credo doesn`t stop Pryanik either nevertheless it is very difficult to realize.

Pryanik doesn`t break its next credo which means that all the articles must be handmade. Beginning its creative work at home with an office knife and a piece of linoleum on which the skin is cut, Pryanik slowly enlarges its equipment and istruments. We need the necessary hand press to make an ideal opening here, and then we can`t do without a special sewing machine for a specific technological stitch, a consumer will never see it, and so on. These are difficult steps striving for quantity, style and individuality. Having made these first steps Pryanik has got its own long, difficult and alltogether interesting way that may be considered as the key slogan of Ukrainian brand: Pryanik is a producer of simple and complicated things.